The Birth and Meaning of Birthstones

The Birth and Meaning of Birthstones

Have you at any point pondered the enamoring charm of birthstones? Because of their beauty and symbolic significance, these fascinating gems have been prized throughout history. There is a distinct birthstone for each month, each of which has a long history and a story to tell. Take a journey with us as we learn about birthstones, their significance, and the treasures that lie beneath these cherished symbols of personal identity.

January - Garnet: There are different opinions about the introduction and legends of garnet. Most people think that garnet symbolizes loyal love and long-term health. It is also said that garnet is also very beneficial to human health. Since ancient times , garnet should be a symbol of "fire" due to its red appearance, it is believed that garnet can illuminate the dark. Legend has it that the ancient Norse and Scandinovians were always buried with garnets when they died, and they firmly believed that this stone would illuminate their way to the light. Crusaders would inlaid garnets on their armor, believing that such armor would keep them safe.

Amethyst in February: The legend of amethyst is related to a Dionysus and a girl. It is said that the wine of the Stone Dionysus dripped on the stone carving that the girl turned into, forming a purple crystal. Therefore, the stone is also known as the "sober stone". As the birthstone of February, it symbolizes honesty, goodness, peace and peace. At the same time, since February happens to be the month of Valentine's Day, amethyst has naturally become a token of love. Lovers throw a peach and repay it with Qiongyao, symbolizing eternal love.

March Aquamarine: Sea It is called "Sailor's Lucky Stone" because it is shaped like water and can give life. It is also called "water of the sea" in Latin because of the color of its seats. According to ancient folklore, aquamarine was believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the woman who wore it. In tradition, aquamarine is said to have the power of the sea, and many sea goddesses, including Aphrodite, were devoted to it. Sailing boats have long relied on amethyst to protect them from the elements such as storms and drowning. 

Diamond: White or transparent, symbolizes power and eternal love. For thousands of years, diamonds have been one of the most precious gemstones in human civilization. They are associated with beauty, strength, courage and royalty. In Hindu mythology, they are associated with kings and gods. Thus, the April birthstone marks those born in April as a controller or authority figure. With its enduring beauty, clarity and shimmer, diamonds are a classic, believed to provide emotional balance and clarity of mind to the wearer. As the hardest gemstone of all gemstones, those who wear it can experience increased perseverance and inner strength. The diamonds offered by Cissyia are lab-grown diamonds.

May - Emerald: The emerald, with its lush green hues, represents renewal, fertility, and growth. It is believed to bring harmony, prosperity, and abundance to those born in May. The emerald's vibrant color is said to nourish the soul and awaken a sense of rejuvenation and vitality.

Pearl and June: Pearls have always been a symbol of beauty, purity and elegance. Pearl, also known as real pearl and clam pearl, is "mani" in Sanskrit, and it is called Mani or Mani in Buddhist scriptures. It is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. In Greek and Roman mythology, the "goddess of love and beauty" Aphrodite (or Venus) was born in the blue ocean. The Renaissance painter Botticelli once described the goddess in the painting "The Birth of Venus" Under the beautiful moonlight, step on a huge shell fan, while the god of wind and the god of flowers greet and see off on the left and right. When the goddess shakes off the water droplets on her hair, it turns into beautiful pearls and falls down colorfully. The ancient Hebrews believed that pearls were ornaments used by God to adorn the Garden of Eden; Persian mythology believed that: pearls were the tears of the gods; because the tears shed because of missing the prince fell into the mother-of-pearl and finally turned into pearls.

Ruby in July: Ruby, the king of gemstones, comes from the Latin "Ruber" meaning red, also known as "the stone of love". As early as the ancient Roman period, it was believed that the brilliance of ruby ​​was a magical stone that was burnt by flames, and it was said to be the third egg of the dragon, which was noble and amazing. In the famous literary work "One Thousand and One Nights", there are many adventures and adventure stories about competing for rubies. The "pigeon blood eggs" that both queens and mistresses vie for in European courts are the top rubies in color and size! Rubies symbolize love, passion, strength, leadership, victory, eternity, nobility, and romance.

Peridot: For Leo and Virgo born in August, the birthstone is "peridot", Peridot, with its warm yellow-green tone, is a gemstone in the summer color system. It is generally believed to have healing energy that brings "feel better", symbolizing unconditional love and forgiveness. The ancient Romans believed that peridot has the power like the sun, can get rid of evil thoughts, bring hope and positive energy, so it was used as a talisman; in ancient Egypt, because it was used by Cleopatra, it regarded peridot as the national stone, Nobility, peace, and the lucky effect of resolving suffering have always been affirmed by people.

Sapphire: The word "sapphire" itself means "dark blue gem", translated from Greek. As an alternative explanation, the Sanskrit noun "sanipriya" means "dark stone". Sapphire is a gemstone that symbolizes a firm will. Wearing it can enhance your intuition and insight into the essence of things; it is not affected by the environment and helps you keep calm and carry out your goals. It is suitable for those who like to pursue new challenges or want to seize opportunities at critical moments people.

Opal: In the ancient legends of the American continent, as long as you find the home of the rainbow, you can get eternal happiness and wealth. Thousands of years ago, the Portuguese discovered gemstones shining with colorful light in Brazil. Just like the rainbow in the ancient legend, the dazzling colored gemstones refracted through light and shadow, emitting rainbow-like light, which is dazzling. Then, they named it Opal. Opal is rich in color, naturally clear, and always shines with different brilliance in the sun, so it is called "the rainbow falling into the mortal world". Indians also highly respect Opal, believing that it is a sacred stone containing the mysterious power of nature, which can bring people the power of love and healing. Opal represents the sacred and pure power, which can lead people to get rid of distracting thoughts, purify the body and mind, and move towards a brighter future. This ancient gem has a variety of colors, and each color represents a different meaning, suitable for every prayerful prayer.

November - Topaz: Jade has been known as an auspicious and evil thing since ancient times. It symbolizes power, nobility and purity, elegance and luxury, peace and happiness. Nowadays, it is scientifically determined that jade contains many elements that are beneficial to the human body, thereby eliminating diseases and misfortunes. The "Bible New Testament" records a story about "John the Baptist" related to Topaz. The story says: Jesus’ favorite disciple John severely rebuked King Herod for marrying his sister-in-law Herodias, the tetrarch King Herod Antipas, saying: “It is unreasonable for you to marry a brother’s wife!” Later, Herodias became furious and urged King Herod to kill John to avenge his humiliation. But because the Jewish people regarded John as a prophet, King Herod did not dare to kill him, but sent him to prison. King Herod had a daughter named Salome, who was born to Herodias. The daughter won the favor of her father with her beautiful dance. Once, at Herod's birthday party, Salome danced, and Herod was very happy. King Herod, who was drunk, said to his daughter: "I will give you whatever you ask me for. Even if it is half of the land, I will not hesitate." The daughter said: "That's great, but I want to ask my mother , see what I want." Then he turned and left. After a while, the daughter who hurried back from Herodias stood in front of King Herod and said, "I want the head of John. May the king put the head of John the Baptist on a plate and give it to me immediately!" King Herod felt very happy. Difficult, he took out some precious gems to his daughter and said: "I have yellow topaz like tiger's eyes, red topaz like wild dove's eyes, and green topaz like cat's eyes." This persuaded her daughter to give up her request for the head of John the Baptist. But the daughter insisted on taking John's head according to her mother's will, and did not change her original intention. King Herod was forced to boast in public and could not repent, so he had to order the guards to go to the prison to fetch John's head. The story of Topaz and John's head tells people about Topaz's religious status. It was Herod's precious jewel, but driven by Herodias' insidious vengeance, the precious jewel failed to keep John's head.

December - Turquoise: The turquoise, with its captivating blue-green shade, symbolizes wisdom, protection, and good fortune. This gemstone is

believed to bring balance, serenity, and positive energy into the lives of those born in December. Turquoise is revered for its connection to ancient traditions and is considered a talisman of protection and healing.

As we journey through the birth and meaning of birthstones, we discover a world rich in symbolism, history, and personal significance. These gems not only adorn our jewelry but also carry the essence of our individuality and the qualities we hold dear. Whether you wear your birthstone as a cherished keepsake or simply appreciate their beauty, birthstones serve as constant reminders of our unique journey and the timeless power of nature's precious gifts.

Embrace the allure of birthstones, let their colors ignite your spirit, and allow their meanings to resonate within your soul. Celebrate your birth month and the remarkable tale behind your chosen gemstone. Remember, within each birthstone lies a story waiting to be told, an exquisite gem waiting to be cherished, and a meaningful connection to the world of nature's wonders.


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