How to Measure Necklace Length: A Comprehensive Guid

How to Measure Necklace Length: A Comprehensive Guid

5 Easy Steps to Accurately Measure Your Necklace Length

Choosing the right necklace length is crucial for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. Whether you're buying a new necklace or adjusting an old one, knowing how to measure necklace length? can make all the difference. This guide provides insights and expertise on measuring necklace lengths, ensuring you always make the perfect choice.

Tools for Measuring Necklace Length

Before you start, ensure you have the right tools. A flexible measuring tape is ideal, but in its absence, a ruler or even a piece of string and a marker can suffice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Measure Necklace Length

Prepare the necklace: Lay it flat on a surface, making sure it's untangled and straight.

Measuring Technique (Tape Measure): Using a tape measure, measure from the buckle to the other end.


Measure after fastening: After fastening the front and rear buckles, fold it, place it flat and measure its length with a tape measure.

Measuring technique (tape measure): Use a soft tape measure, wrap it around your neck from one end, place the initial end of the tape measure where you want the necklace to be vertical, and connect the second half of the tape measure to get the necklace size you are satisfied with.

Measuring technique (rope): You can also use common ropes or shoelaces, wrap it around your neck, regard the end as the length of your necklace, adjust it to a satisfactory position and mark it, remove it, unfold it and measure its length. This length is your necklace size.


Record measurements: Write down the length in inches or centimeters, depending on your preference.

A guide to measuring choker necklace

Different from necklaces, the measurement method of collars is simpler, but please note that the measurement should not be too tight and should be adjusted appropriately to your most comfortable position.

Measuring technique (tape measure): Wrap the tape measure around your neck. After wrapping it, record the length. Then add 1 to 3 inches based on this length to determine your collar size.


Measuring technique (rope): Wrap the rope or laces around your neck, being careful not to make it too tight. Adjust to a comfortable size and record the rope position. Remove the rope and unroll the length at the measurement mark. Also add in the measurement results. Add another 1-3 inches to the base.

Factors Influencing Necklace Length Choice

Your neck size, the neckline of your garment, and even the size of any pendants or charms on your necklace will all affect your optimal length. So the most basic thing is your neck size, because it is the most decisive, so it is very necessary to know your neck size before choosing a necklace.

Necklace Length and Body Type

Your body type, whether petite or tall, will affect the necklace length that works best for you. For example, a 16-inch necklace is very suitable for petite and thin women, because a necklace of this size can just fit around your collarbone, which is a good necklace size. If you are taller, it is recommended that you wear a 30-inch necklace. This size can help you look well-proportioned, and the necklace just hangs on your chest.

Necklace Length for Different Occasions

While chokers may be perfect for casual outings, opera-length necklaces may be ideal for formal events. Classic and elegant, measures 30 inches.

Women's standard necklace size





Collarbone style, classic small pendant


Clavicle fit, most popular choice, best selling size


Below the collarbone, perfect for layering, hip-hop, and multi-layered necklaces 


Below the collarbone for a more dramatic look, perfect for layering



Why is necklace length important? 

The right necklace length can enhance your outfit, complement your body type, and ensure comfort.

Can I adjust my necklace length at home? 

Yes, with extenders or re-knotting techniques, but for significant adjustments, it's best to consult a jeweler.

How often should I clean my necklace? 

Depending on wear, cleaning every 3-6 months can keep your necklace shining.

Does body type influence necklace length choice? 

Yes, certain lengths might be more flattering for specific body types.

What's the most versatile necklace length? 

The princess length, typically 18 inches, is versatile and suits most outfits and occasions.

How do I choose necklace length for a gift? 

Consider the recipient's style, body type, and any necklaces they frequently wear as a guide.


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