Emotionally Inherited Mother's Ring

Emotionally Inherited Mother's Ring

What is a mother's ring? A mother's ring is a special piece of jewelry that carries so much emotion and meaning. It is originally a beautiful decoration, but it is also a symbol of maternal love, family and caring for children. I once had a birthstone ring custom made for my mother with the gemstone for her birthday month engraved with her name and date of birth, and to my relief, she loved the ring Surprisingly loved. Below we take a deep dive into what a mother's ring is and the stories and symbolism behind it.
1. The definition and historical origin of the mother's ring
It is a special ring, usually embedded with various gemstones or birthstones, and is generally a gift from children or family members to mothers to express their mother's nurturing and maternal love. It can adopt a variety of designs and materials, the common ones are gold, platinum or 925 silver, and the modern ones are mainly 925 silver. The earliest origin of mother rings can be traced back to ancient Greece, when people used rings to symbolize family and maternal love.
Endless spring mother's three birthstones infinity ring
2. Symbolism
This ring symbolizes maternal love, family and responsibility. It is the expression of the child's gratitude and love to the mother, and also a symbol of the mother's responsibility and care for the family. Children who travel far away usually give their mother this ring to express their longing. In the endless years later, this concern and longing will go through this life together with this ring. It is the representative of maternal love and the sustenance of longing. , but also their own responsibilities and commitments to the family.

3. Design and style
Since the current mother's rings are mostly made of 925 silver, there are various designs. The common styles include engraving the child's name on the ring, choosing the corresponding birthstone and various symbols, including the date of birth, special days, etc. . Another design style is composed of multiple rings, each ring represents a child, implying the integrity and harmony of the family. In addition, in Cissyia, mother rings can also choose different birthstones according to personal preferences. Most rings support the color selection of 3~8 gemstones. This function can make the ring more unique and personalized.

4. Gift meaning and timing
During Mother's Day, the sales volume of mother's rings is the largest. Customers usually choose to buy and customize this ring on this day. Of course, it is not just this festival, including family gatherings, mother's birthdays, and important anniversaries. A very worthy souvenir for mother, engrave the name of the family on the ring, choose the mother's birthstone as the main stone, and choose the corresponding months of the family members for the other stones, so that this ring becomes precious and authentic unique. The combination of 925 silver and zircon makes this ring wearable for years or a lifetime.

5. Inheritance and commemoration
This special ring can be passed down from generation to generation and becomes a valuable keepsake in the family. Because the name or date of each generation will be kept on the ring, and thanks to the durability and durability of the material, a mother's ring can clearly see the name and engraving on it even after decades. Inheriting this ring is to tell future generations to stick to the unity of the family, keep in mind the responsibilities of being a member of the family, and more importantly, as a mother, feel the children's thoughts and love for you.
Daughter and mother
Mother's ring is a kind of jewelry with special meaning, and its special meaning is touching. This is not a feeling captured by modern cameras. As a souvenir, it is more like a family's love and concern for their mother. Don't forget my mother's teachings, every little bit of living with her, from us in her arms to our own family and business, we are the most proud works of her life. When you choose a mother's ring for your mother, you give it a unique story and value. I will never forget what my mother said - “it's okay, mom is here”.

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