The Enchanting World of August Birthstones: All You Need to Know

The Enchanting World of August Birthstones: All You Need to Know


August, the month when summer is in its full swing, has long been associated with a birthstone that captures the warmth and vibrancy of the season. For those fortunate enough to be born in this sun-kissed month, the question often arises: what is August birthstone? This article aims to unravel the allure and mystery behind August's precious gem.

August Birthstones

What is August Birthstone?

August is synonymous with the stunning Peridot. This gleaming green gemstone, suggestive of the rich scenes of pre-fall, isn't simply a piece of adornments yet an image of influence, wellbeing, and protection.

August Birthstones

History of the August Birthstone

Ancient Civilizations and Peridot

From the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Roman Empire, the peridot has graced the finest jewels of ancient leaders and warriors. Believed to be a gift from Mother Nature, the ancient civilizations wore peridot amulets as protection against dark forces.Peridot is a unique and beautiful gemstone whose history dates back to ancient times. Its name is derived from the Latin "lapis olivaris", meaning "peridot", due to its resemblance in color to the olive fruit. Peridot was widely used in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome in the early days, and was regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and luck.In ancient Egypt, peridot was seen as a symbol of the sun god and believed to have protective and healing powers. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that peridot could bring peace, harmony and happiness. Peridot also has power embedded in Christian culture. meaning, considered a symbol of peace and tolerance.

August Birthstones

Peridot in Literature

Time and again, authors and poets have mentioned this captivating gem in their writings, showcasing its status and the mesmerizing effect it has had on people across different eras.

In literature, for example, peridot is often used as part of symbolism, imagery or figure of speech. Here are some examples of literature on peridot:

Don Quixote ("Don Quixote"): In this classic Spanish novel, peridot is used as a symbol, expressing the wealth and treasures of the characters. The protagonist Don Quixote thinks that he usually wears simple armor inlaid with peridot to show his knight status.Peter Unchained (Peter Pan): In James Barry's children's book, peridot is part of the magical "forget-me-nots" that represent childhood memories and imaginations.Poetic Works: Peridot has been used in many poems as a symbol to describe natural landscapes and emotional harmony. British poet Michael Dradd, for example, used peridot to describe the tranquility and beauty of country life.Peridot, as a gemstone, has been used for imagery and symbolism in literature for its beauty and unique properties. It can represent different themes like wealth, treasure, memory, harmony, etc. When an author uses peridot as a rhetorical device, it can enrich the meaning and expression of the work by expanding its figurative and symbolic meaning.

August Birthstones

Characteristics of the August Birthstone

Visual Appeal

The lustrous green of the peridot ranges from olive to lime, offering a visual treat to the beholder.

Physical and Chemical Properties

As a gemstone, peridot is not just about looks.It brags an exceptional set properties that make it stick out, from its translucent construction to its solidness.

Regions of Extraction

This gem is not confined to one corner of the Earth. From the US to Egypt, several places have been historically renowned for their high-quality peridot mines.

August Birthstones

Symbolism and Beliefs Surrounding Peridot

Peridot is not just another gem; it's a repository of beliefs and symbolisms. Whether it's the belief in its healing powers or its association with love, this birthstone is steeped in fascinating tales and traditions.

Benefits of Wearing the August Birthstone

Health and Well-being

Many wearers of peridot have sworn by its therapeutic properties, be it physical healing or mental well-being.

Enhancing Personal Relationships

It's believed that this birthstone can mend broken relationships and foster love and understanding between individuals.

Attracting Luck and Prosperity

Wearing a peridot might just be your good luck charm, bringing in waves of prosperity and fortune.

Taking Care of Your Peridot Jewelry

A gem so precious deserves utmost care. From cleaning techniques to storage tips, learn how to ensure your peridot jewelry stays as radiant as ever.

How to Choose the Perfect August Birthstone

Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right peridot can be a daunting task. Dive into the nuances of selecting that perfect gem that resonates with your personality.

August Birthstones


What sets the August birthstone apart from others? 

The unique green hue of the peridot, combined with its rich history and associated beliefs, makes it stand apart from other birthstones.

Can peridot be worn by people not born in August?

 Absolutely! While it holds special significance for those born in August, anyone can wear and benefit from the properties of peridot.

How does one authenticate a real peridot? 

1.Color: True peridot usually has an intense green color similar to that of olives. It may come in different shades of green, from chartreuse to dark green. Peridot that is too light or yellow should be avoided as these may be artificially colored or other minerals.

2.Transparency: Peridot can vary in transparency, from transparent to translucent. But in general, true peridot should have some transparency that lets some light through.

3.Hardness: The hardness of olivine is 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is relatively high. You can use a hardness tester or try lightly scratching the surface of the peridot with a hard object such as a key; if it resists scratching, it is probably real peridot.

4.Chemical Testing: If you have a chemical testing kit, you can use an acid test for further identification. Olivine is insensitive to strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, but it does react to strong bases such as sodium hydroxide. Note that caution should be exercised and proper precautions should be used when performing chemical tests.

5.Optical test: Observation with a microscope can be used if available. Olivine often has unique optical characteristics such as prismatic effects and birefringence. These features can be clearly seen under a microscope and help to identify authenticity.

If you are not sure about your identification ability, it is best to have your peridot identified by a professional jewelry identification agency or jeweler. They have the experience and professional equipment to accurately identify the authenticity of gemstones.

Are there any superstitions associated with peridot? 

Throughout the long term, many have had faith in the mysterious properties of peridot, from warding off detestable spirits to bringing flourishing.

What other months have birthstones similar to August's? 

While each month has its unique birthstone, the greenish hue of peridot can sometimes be likened to the emerald of May.

How should I clean my peridot jewelry?

Mild soapy water and a soft brush are usually recommended. However, it's best to consult with your jeweler for specific care instructions.


The allure of the August birthstone, peridot, is undeniable. Beyond its radiant beauty, it's a symbol of power, prosperity, and protection. For those born in August, it's more than just a gem – it's a piece of heritage, a connection to the cosmos, and a beacon of personal identity. As you adorn this magnificent stone, remember the centuries of history, myths, and beliefs it encapsulates.

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