Gold vs. Silver: Match name necklace with skin tone&undertone

Gold vs. Silver: Match name necklace with skin tone&undertone

How to choose jewelry color based on skin tone and background color? This is a confusing choice and knowledge blind spot for many people, because matching the correct jewelry color with skin tone and undertone will make your overall appearance and senses more charming and beautiful! Name necklaces have become a popular choice in recent years. But with so many options, how do you choose between gold and silver? Follow my lead and find out which one is best for your skin tone and undertone in this article.

Gold, with its warm tint and rich history, has forever been an image of extravagance and distinction. Silver, then again, is known for its cool, brilliant gloss and is adored for its cutting edge allure and adaptability.

Combination of metal and skin color

Light skin tones often pair well with silver, while medium to dark skin tones pair well with gold.

Combination of metal and background color

Cool tones tend to look better with silver, while warm tones look radiant with gold. The advantage of a neutral base color is that it can easily remove both metals.

How to confirm skin tone and undertone?

Skin tone: This refers to the surface color of your skin, which can change based on various factors such as sun exposure or health. Common skin colors range from light to dark.

Undertone: Undertones are the subtle shades beneath the skin’s surface. It remains consistent regardless of external factors such as sun exposure.

skin color type 

Fair: The lightest skin, often prone to sunburn, and may have freckles.

Light color: slightly darker than fair color, but still lighter.

Medium: A balanced, neutral skin tone that resists sunburn.

Tan: A darker shade, common in people from tropical areas.

Dark Skin: A rich, dark complexion that rarely burns and tans easily.

Type of skin undertone

Cool: A hint of blue or pink can be seen on the skin. The veins in your wrist may appear blue.

Warm colors: yellow, peach or gold undertones. The veins may appear greener.

Neutrals: A mix of cool and warm undertones. Determining whether a vein is more blue or green can be challenging.

How to determine your skin tone

Sun reaction: How your skin reacts to sunlight may be a clue. If you sunburn easily, you may have fair or light skin tone. If you tan, your skin tone may be medium or tan. If you neither sunburn nor tan, your skin tone may be darker.

Foundation Matching: When shopping for makeup, the foundation that blends into your skin will most likely be your skin tone.

How to determine your skin undertone

Vein test: Check the veins in your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If they are green, you have a warm undertone.

Jewelry Test: If silver jewelry complements your skin better, you may have cool undertones. If blonde is more flattering, you probably have warm undertones.

Does gold or silver suit your skin tone and undertone better?

Choosing between gold and silver, especially when considering a name necklace, can be influenced by your skin tone and undertone.


Gold Name Necklace: Best for those with warm tones and those who love luxury, whether it’s a classic gold necklace or a trendy rose gold necklace, the warm tones of these metals complement the yellow and peach undertones of the skin. Moreover, gold styles account for the vast majority of the jewelry market. The key reason is that gold fits well with other jewelry, is easy to match, and can be used as the core color of jewelry.

 Personalized Two-Strand Heart and Name Cut-Out Layered Name Necklace

Silver Name Necklace: Perfect for cool tones and those looking for a modern look, the blue hue of silver complements the blue or pink undertones of the skin. This is my personal favorite color. It gives me a classic blues feel. Paired with some cool-toned birthstone jewelry and light-colored clothing, the overall look is very eye-catching.

 Personalized Infinity Symbol Two Names Cut-Out Name Necklace

Rose Gold Name Necklace: Rose gold is a beautiful blend of gold and copper that has a unique hue that is growing in popularity, and because it is a blend of gold and copper, it looks great on both warm and neutral undertones. It is pleasing to the eye and gives people a passionate and unrestrained visual sense. The rose gold name necklace is very suitable for those who like bohemian style. It is passionate and wild with a little retro style. There are many people who pursue the matching style, and Rose gold name necklace is not so picky for skin color.

Personalized Snowflakes Names Cut-Out Name Necklace


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