US Ring Size Converter

US Ring Size Converter

When it comes to how to measure the size of a ring, the best or most accurate way is to go to a local jewelry store. However, if you need to measure at home, you can use ring size gauges, printable ring guides and other ways to measure ring size.

How to measure the size of the ring at home, please don’t worry. The following methods can tell you the answer.

The first method: measuring with a rope:

1. Cut a rope about 6 inches long.

2. Wrap the rope around the bottom of your finger, just below the knuckles.

3. Use a pen to mark where the ends of the rope meet.

4. Place the measured rope on the ruler. The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of the ring in millimeters.

5. Convert the measured value to the ring size using the ring size table below.

measuring rings with a rope

The second method: using paper strip measurement:

1. Cut a thin strip of paper about 100 mm long.

2. Fold the thin strip of paper at the bottom of the finger, close enough to the knuckle.

3. Mark where the ends of the strip meet.

4. Use a ruler to measure the length (in millimeters) to get the circumference.

5. Use the ring size table below to convert the measured values to the appropriate ring size.

using paper strip measurement rings

* Please note: The ring size at Cissyia™ is based on the US Ring Size System. International customers need to check the size chart for size conversion to confirm that you have selected the correct US size.

rings size chart