Photo Jewelry

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US 5 (Inner diameter 15.7mm), US 5.5 (Inner diameter 16.1mm), US 6 (Inner diameter 16.51mm), US 6.5 (Inner diameter 16.92mm), US 7 (Inner diameter 17.32mm), US 7.5 (Inner diameter 17.73mm), US 8 (Inner diameter 18.14mm), US 8.5 (Inner diameter 18.54mm), US 9 (Inner diameter 18.95mm), US 9.5 (Inner diameter 19.35mm), US 10 (Inner diameter 19.76mm), US 10.5 (Inner diameter 20.17mm), US 11 (Inner diameter 20.57mm), US 11.5 (Inner diameter 20.98mm), US 12 (Inner diameter 21.39mm), US 12.5 (Inner diameter 21.79mm)

Round Shape Zircon Openwork Photo Ring

Are there any photos that have touched your heart? If there are such photos, you definitely should consider purchasing a photo ring. This round shaped openwork photo ring is ideal...